Masua and Pan di Zucchero

Discover a unique natural monument the "scoglio di Pan di Zucchero"

An hour from the Bed and Breakfast, we find Masua,the only natural monument in all the Sardinia, called “scoglio of Pan di Zucchero”, because of its big rounded shape, and its white colour contrasting with the coast of red schists rocks The beauty of the landscape is enriched from the sour cliffs between which deep marine coves are opened.

For passionate sports climbers, the high faraglione 132m cover the southern chine of the small island. Ahead of Pan di Zucchero, we find Porto Flavia, the most extraordinary work of present mining engineering in Sardinia; a gallery that finishes directly to the sea, allowing the cargo of the mineral from the mine on to the mercantile ships.

Daily beach trips for your vacations to the B&B Il Quinto Moro.

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