Excursions in Costa Verde, Sardinia

Nature, history, myths and unspoilt beauty

The trekking routes and excursions suggested by the B&B Il Quinto Moro take you to the most untamed and beautiful areas on the island and its mountains in the whole south-western area of Sardinia.

The aim is to lead you to the discovery of the island’s history, its wildlife and flora, and its local food heritage. You can reach out as far as the Marmilla area and take a trip to a stunning nature attraction; the vast highland plateau known as the Giara di Gesturi.

Arbus and the whole of its coastal area is the end result of a very ancient geological story, which you can also appreciate by a visit to the mine of Perd'e Libera at Gonnosfanadiga, Monte Linas and Monte Arcuentu.

Read through the details of the trekking excursions on the Costa Verde: they all differ as to length and difficulty.

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