Gonnosfanadiga: Trekking on Monte Linas

The starting point is the mine of Perd'e Libera at Gonnosfanadiga, the first stretch of a trip taking you back to past times which still re-echo in these mountains, with mine shafts and machinery bearing witness to a great era.
Leaving the fascinating remains of the old mine we set off into the woods, on a path offering splendid views of the Campidano plain overlooked by the distinctive shape of Monte Arcuentu. To the south, the mountains are more rugged, cut by impassable gullies through which flow rushing streams ending in waterfalls of varying size according to season. This is one of the wildest areas in Sardinia, where only a few forest tracks mark the passage of man.

Then we take a dirt road leading to a height of 956 m, with the Forest Rangers’ fire lookout tower. Further on, the vehicle road ends, and we continue on foot along a well-signalled path leading to the Genna Eidadi mountain pass at 1026 m ASL.
Here your gaze will range over the summits of Punta Perda de sa Mesa, Punta sa Cabixettas and the rocky and almost inaccessible Punta Cammedda.

From this point on you have one of two choices: 

- Change direction and go as far as Genn'e Impì (1035 m) from where you can reach Punta Perda de sa Mesa (1236 m) and Punta sa Cabixettas (1202 m) with a wide-ranging panoramic view as far as the Gennargentu mountains. 

- From Genna Eidadi, with its inebriating perfume of thyme, you can go down a pathway which seems an old stream bed. A steep descent, which will soon lead you to the Figus locality. Set in a truly wild stretch of countryside (hours without seeing anyone with the exception of a few curious goats watching us from Genn'e Impì) you can enjoy a refreshing draft of cool water from one of the many waterfalls which we come upon during our trek. When we see the sheepfold of Linas, on the mountain of the same name, we know that we have reached our destination.

If you wish, you can continue the Monte Linas itinerary as far as Muru Mannu and Piscina Irgas.

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