Gonnosfanadiga: Muru Mannu and Piscina Irgas from Monte Linas

The route starts at the arrival point of the Monte Linas trekking itinerary.

We are in the Linas sheepfold – a splendid panoramic view draws our gaze to the inaccessible gullies of the Rio Linas which after a few kms takes a dive into the Canale Monincu just a short distance from the great waterfall of Muru Mannu.

Please note that this itinerary is suitable for trekkers used to finding their way using map and compass, or who are accompanied by expert local guides.

As these trails are not much frequented, they tend to be overgrown by vegetation, thus making walking and orientation difficult. Our reference points outside the forest are always the mountain peaks which can be seen along the whole way.

Once on the summit of the hill we find a mule track which will lead us down in about 15 minutes to the crossing point of the Muru Mannu stream. Here, nature has created in a few years its own barriers: the path is narrow and passing through is quite difficult.

After about 200 m of ascent, we will however find a splendid reward - Genna di Muru Mannu offers a new enchanting view. To the east is the canyon, with its granite walls, where the Muru Mannu stream plunges down in a great waterfall, the highest in Sardinia (some 70 m of sheer drop, visible only during the rainy season).
To the south, you can admire the upland plain of Oridda which is crossed by the river of the same name. 

Then on for another 2 km along an easy Forest Ranger pathway as far as Conca Piscina Irgas. Here unfortunately the scenery has changed over the years: some time ago the upland plain was involved in a reforestation project using trees such as eucalyptus and pine but the recovery process is still ongoing and the area still bears the scars of past damage done by man.

Finally, following the river to the east, tired but happy we reach our camp site set in a small wood of holm oak and strawberry trees with excellent spots to pitch our tents.

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