The Giara of Gesturi and its wild horses

An hour away from Il Quinto Moro Bed & Breakfast is located the most impressive plateau in the region.

Extending to 45sq km, the Giara di Gesturi is a wide flat area of land that sits in between the hills of Marmilla subregion at about 500m above sea level. Its elevated position is a result of the erosion of the surrounding limestone and sandstone that has left this central area completely untouched.

Visiting this natural phenomenon, you will find the “cavallini della giara”, wild horses (native to the island of Sardinia) galloping around lakes and through forests of cork trees, while white buttercups carpet the land in springtime. The total population of the Giara Horses is estimated at around 500 individuals.

Its origins are uncertain, it may have been brought into the island of Sardinia by the Phoenicians or by the Greeks. The only certainty is that the Giara Horse is one of the fifteen indigenous horse "breeds of limited distribution" recognized by the AIA, the Italian breeders' association.

At the foot of the Giara Plateau, you cannot miss the most complex and large nuragic archaeological site in Sardinia: Su Nuraxi di Barumini, included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1997.
Additionally, in Tuili, a small village close to Barumini, of on the border with the country of Barumini, visit the open air museum “Sardegna in Miniatura” (a miniature reproduction of the Island and its sightseeing attractions in 360 mt)

Il Quinto Moro B&B is at your disposal for further information about this area and can help you reserve a visit to this amazing wild park.

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