The Piscinas Dunes

Piscinas, is considered the queen of the Costa Verde and it is only a 25-minute drive away from the Bed & Breakfast.

Its impressive 100m high dunes are the highest sand dunes in Europe even if each year the wind sweeps them into new, fascinating shapes and sizes.

Spanning three kilometres, Piscinas is also considered the greatest desert of Europe and interlaces sands with shrubs to provide shelter for the sprightly Sardinian red deer. Other visiting wildlife includes the marine turtle Caretta-Caretta, which travels to Sardinia coast every year in June and July to lay its eggs.

Even in high season you will find a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the fine sands and glistening sea.

There is easy parking, a beach hut café and toilet facilities to cater for all your needs, and even naturists can find their private paradise to the far left of the beach.

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