The territory of Arbus

Located in the south-west coast of Sardinia, Arbus town houses the Bed & Breakfast Il Quinto Moro. It is the main centre of the whole Costa Verde and rises 350m above sea level.

Arbus is an ideal Sardinia destination not only to enjoy a stunning different beach every day, but it also offers a strategic position to discover many facets of Sardinia culture and story.

Il Quinto Moro suggests you to visit its centre where you will find the church of Saint Sebastiano Martire which sits beside the main public square. The Knife Museum is also worth visiting, curated by our friend and master cutler Paolo Pusceddu, it houses the Guinness World Record breaking largest knife in the world.

Arbus is also home to many excellent restaurants, which we will be happy to direct you to during your stay.

The Knife Museum
Thanks to its long tradition in shepherding, Arbus is the place to come if you are a fan of decorative knives.

The owner of the local knife factory - Paolo Pusceddu - is a lively craftsman who has gained celebrity status for his works in painting, sculpture and theatre.
Through a careful restoration process, Paolo has rebuilt the 16th century workshop and it now houses the “Coltelleria Arburesa” - the Museum of the Sardinian Knife.
The collection spans the ages with the main attraction winning a place in the Guinness Book of Records in 1986 as the biggest knife in the world measuring 4.85 meters in length and 295kg in weight.

The staff of Il Quinto Moro B&B can point you in the direction of The Knife Museum and even introduce you to Paolo himself.

The Urban Center Museum
Inside the ancient Hotel of Arbus, you will find an exhibition that tells the story of the people of Arbus.

Tales of local miners and craftsmen are brought to life with photographs, visual and audio guides, and you can imagine what it was like to go into the heart of the earth and mine the precious minerals of the land.

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