Guspini: Mining site and Basalt columns

Guspini is one of the more important mining centres of Sardinia.

Home to 13,000 people, Guspini is a main town in the Medio Campidano region and only 62km from Cagliari. Historically it may have relied on mining but now tourism and agriculture are the town’s main sources of income.

Colonnari basalt
Just five minutes from the Sardinia Bed and Breakfast Il Quinto Moro lies an amazing quarry where you can see the spectacular basalt columns created over three million years ago.

Declared a Natural Monument by Sardinia Region, the columns are a result of volcanic activity on the island and their special "Organ pipe" shape is a result of slow rising magma which flowed through a narrow area all those years ago.
Basalt formations can be found all over Sardinia but the Guspini columns are particularly unique.

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