Tour in an ox-drawn cart

A truly unique experience, appealing and amusing, to the discovery of one of the most authentic faces of Sardinia: Tour the hilly countryside by a wagon pulled by bullock.

Led by experienced "carradoris" a tour of this kind is an ancient tradition in Sardinia.

The carradoris offer treks of varying distance and all cross the beautiful Sardinian countryside. The steady pace of the bulls lets you really soak up the sights and smells of the region in your own time.

Our favourite is the "the path of the miner" tour – a route between the two mining villages of Ingurtosu and Montevecchio, traditionally used by miners but also shepherds and farmers. Equally enchanting is a trip near the dunes of Piscinas.

To make the trip even more special, we can arrange for your tour to leave from our doorstep.

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