Montevecchio: Management Building, S. Antonio Shaft and Geo-Mining Park

Just 5 minutes’ drive from the Quinto Moro you will find Montevecchio.

The suggested itinerary covers the Management Building, the S. Antonio Shaft and the Geo-Mining Park.

The Management Building was commissioned by the mine owner, Giovanni Antonio Sanna, to house the mine office, his own residence and a chapel. Built in Neo-Renaissance style, its most striking room is the imposing Sala Blu, the building’s reception hall for official meetings and visits, social gatherings and musical evenings.
Thanks to a major refurbishment programme, the Management building is now open to visitors, as are other buildings in the village, a chance to savour the ambience and style of late 19th century mansions.

Montevecchio, an abandoned mining centre situated in the centre of a vast ore deposit, is today a fascinating mining heritage site. 
To preserve the memory of the district’s past grandeur, the Regional Authorities have created the “Geo-Mining Park”. 

Today, visitors have access to the buildings and historic villas built by the “Società delle Miniere” and visit parts of the mines.
The best way of visiting is by joining a guided tour organised by a cooperative run by former miners. The visit includes descending to the first level of the mine tunnel using the same lift used by the miners in the past, a true leap back into history, to the discovery of the miners’ back-breaking labour. 

Completely ensconced in the woods, Montevecchio is also a beautiful nature oasis. The lush, varied vegetation includes holm oak, oaks, pines and eucalyptus, home to the Sardinian deer, repopulated in recent years in the countryside of the Costa Verde.

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